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Loving Care 

When it comes to your cherished clock, we fully understand its significance as a cherished heirloom or a treasured possession. At Dorking Clock Centre we take immense pride in providing exemplary care for your clock while it is in our hands. 
Our repair and servicing process begins with a comprehensive discussion with you, the owner, where we delve into the history of your clock and gather any information about previous repairs or servicing it has undergone. This helps us understand your clock's unique requirements and cater to its specific needs. 

During the servicing, we handle your clock with the utmost care. 

Every step is executed meticulously to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your timepiece. The first phase involves a methodical disassembly, followed by a thorough cleaning of each part. We then perform a comprehensive inspection to identify any signs of wear or damage. 
Our expert technicians meticulously examine all pivots and bearings, ensuring they are in optimal condition. If necessary, they will skillfully polish and burnish these components. The movement is then meticulously reassembled, and we utilize both electronic and manual regulation techniques. Over 3 weeks, we finely adjust and regulate the movement, ensuring its accuracy and precision. 

At Dorking Clock Centre we understand the profound connection you have with your clock. 

That's why we treat each timepiece entrusted to us with the utmost respect and attention to detail. Our passion for horology, coupled with our commitment to excellence, ensures that your clock receives nothing less than the very best. Entrust your clock to the experts at Dorking Clock Centre, and let us restore its glory while preserving its unique history for generations to come. 

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