At Dorking Clock Centre, we don’t just think about the mechanics of your clock but the whole clock.  

We can offer a full restoration service including not only the movement but also the case and the face too. 
We specialize in the meticulous and delicate art of clock restoration. With years of experience and a passion for preserving historical timepieces, our team of highly skilled craftsmen and experts is ready to bring your antique clocks back to their former glory. Whether your clock holds sentimental value or is a valuable piece of history, we understand the importance of preserving its beauty and functionality. 

Clock Case Restoration Service 

At Dorking Clock Centre, we recognize the significance of your clock case in preserving the overall beauty and appeal of your timepiece. Our restoration process focuses not only on the functionality of the clock but also on reviving the aesthetic qualities of its case. Working collaboratively with our clients, we aim to ensure that the restored clock case adheres to their desired specifications. 
Our approach begins with an initial consultation and a thorough assessment of the clock case's condition. Our team of knowledgeable experts meticulously examine all aspects of the case, considering its materials, craftsmanship, and historical context. By closely understanding our clients' expectations and requirements, we develop a tailored plan for the restoration project. 

Clock Face Restoration Services 

Typical Prices for Face Restortions  
Brass Longcase Clock Dial Restoration £190.00 
Painted Longcase Clock Dial Restoration £375.00 
Enamel & Sevres Mantel Clock Dial £240.00 
Mantel Clock Silver Dial £180.00 
At Dorking Clock Centre, we understand that clock faces possess unique character, setting them apart from others. We value this distinctiveness and aim to preserve it while undertaking the restoration process. Through collaboration with you, we will ensure that your clock face retains its individuality, adhering to your specifications. 
Once we engage in an initial conversation and carefully assess the condition of your clock face, our team of experts will present you with a comprehensive proposal for the project's direction. We will offer guidance on the most suitable approach to proceed with, based on our assessment, allowing you to make well-informed decisions. 

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